Un ancien moulin à eau avec des chambres d'hôtes et un gîte pas comme les autres c'est le Moulin du Chapitre à Sorèze dans le tarn



From the mill: hike to the SAINT-FERREOL lake and other small strolls

5' drive from the mill: walk around the lake of SAINT-FERREOL, reservoir for the Canal du Midi, quite good for a “starter” (45 ' to 1 hour)

From 5' to 15' drive from the mill: hikes from 2 to 6 hours, starting from different villages around the area ( Soreze, Saint-Amancet, Dourgne, Massaguel), at the bottom of the Montagne noire . For example, climb up to the Oppidum of Berniquaut above SOREZE and back through the village of Durfort

From 15' to 30' drive from the mill: hikes or excursions in the heart of the Montagne Noire, in splendid beeche and pine forests and, in autumn, picking mushrooms
around Arfons or the Basin of the Lac LAMPY).



With good calves and perfect lungs, starting from the Mill, you can ride around the Montagne Noire .

With a lack of practice and training or when it’s too hot, you will enjoy riding along La Rigole, from the Prise d’Alzeau to the arche from Vauban (village of Cammazes) or along La Rigole of the Plain of Revel to the Seuil de Naurouze, peaceful haven along the Canal du Midi.




Within a 2' minute drive, the village of SOREZE, its shops, its streets from the Middle Ages, its glass museum, you can visit the School-Abbey and its new tapestry museum Don Robert; the village of DURFORT, its copper craft industry, its workshops, its boutiques...

Within a 5' minute drive, the lake of SAINT-FERREOL, attractive for bathing or pedal boating, or the town of REVEL, (12000 inhabitants), famous for its typical and colourful Saturday morning’market, with fresh farms products and for its wood and marquetry museum.

Within a 10' drive, DOURGNE and its Bénédictines Abbeys and gregorian chants. SAINT-FELIX de Lauragais and its panoramic view of the Pyrenees

Within a 20' minute drive, the city of CASTRES, its GOYA museum, its JEAN JAURES center. The town of CASTELNAUDARY and its port on the Canal du Midi. The museum of the PASTEL (name of a blue dye plant ) in MAGRIN

A 30' minute drive, LAUTREC, splendid village with its windmill

Within 45' minute drive, the insurpassable city of CARCASSONNE

At 1 hour., the Languedoc capital: TOULOUSE, the pink city , the CAPITOLE square
its various museums, AIRBUS, the Cité de l’Espace.

Within 1h.15 minutes , ALBI, SAINTE-CECILE Cathedral, TOULOUSE-LAUTREC Museum

Within an hour and a half hour drive, the CATHARES castles and the Mediterranean Sea (Narbonne).




Drink an aperitif, on a terrace, Place du Beffroi in Revel, on market’s day, on Saturdays, while savouring a good goat’s cheese from the Marzac cheese dairy.

Go for a picnic to the Oppidum of Berniquaut and enjoy the the panorama from up there.

Climb to LA CAPELETTE, a little chapel above DOURGNE, when the Vent d’Autan blows.

Stroll in the streets of MONTOLIEU, village du Livre (book), visiting many secondhand booksellers, and go to BROUSSES to learn the secrets of a paper-mill.

With your children discover the old wooden toys and games in the village of HAUTPOUL, near Mazamet.

And the must, every sunday in a lot of places, "vide-greniers" where you'll find tons of treasures.


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